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Infrared "NVG Enhanced" lighting system


Every day more and more pilots and crews use Night Vision Googles (NVG) for night operations. The cost of NVG is constantly decreasing and makes it accessible to more pilots and helicopter companies.

The NVG system amplifies residual light at night, but doesn’t render colors. Due to this fact, the identification of a helipad is more difficult.


To guarantee the pilot a good “reading” of the environment through NVG, evolutions of the heliport lighting system are necessary.
All LED or incandescent lights are visible through a NVG unit, but the light amplification curve versus colors isn’t linear(see graphic). That means, that colors with the same luminosity don’t have the same intensity.  In fact, the pilot isn’t able to differentiate between the helipad lighting system and other lights.
Following this observation, Aerolighting has developed and produced  a “NVG enhanced” lighting system. Composed of a complex LED light engine, this system is optionally available on our products. We use an optically complex diffused InfraRed LED engine specially developed for this application.
Through the NVG, the helipad lighting “NVG enhanced”  detaches the helipad from all other lights .This “NVG enhanced” system guarantees to our helipad lights to be clearly better detected by the pilot through NVG. Tested by pilots, our system is shown to be 10 times more efficient  than with standard lights.
Our special InfraRed LED light engine has a very high response on NVG units. That means, that this “NVG enhanced” lights will be highly amplified by the NVG. Environment and other lights are still visible with the same quality.
The use of non-visible InfraRed lights guarantees other pilots flying without NVG not to be disturbed.. For pilots flying without NVG, no modification is visible on the lighting system.

In our helipad lights, the InfraRed and visible parts can be independently controlled. Everything is integrated in a single unit. It is possible to activate only visible or IR lights separately or both together.
The HFT-Dual integrates both, visible and “NVG enchaced” technology from Aerolighting in a single LED light.
This system makes flying with NVG easier and safer.

Please contact us for any additional information about infrared "NVG Enhanced" for your application.

Infrared "NVG Enhanced" is available in all Aerolighting Helipad lights


Download the full infrared "NVG Enhanced" technology focus document

Intelligent Helipad control and power supply

iConnect is a new generation lighting control and monitoring system. All Aerolighting products are now available with the iConnect option.




iConnect is an addressable communication system between lighting components and a central command. iConnect is based on an open bus communication system. Each light is separately addressable and can be independently controlled and monitored through the system.
Control the whole lighting system from multiple devices.

From a touch screen with a friendly user interface,  you are able to control each functionality of the system. You can monitor the state of the lighting system. You will be informed if a lamp or power supply fault occurs. The iConnect will inform you, which lamp has encountered a failure. A scheme will help you to detect any failure on the system. The iConnect detects a problem also, when the lighting system is switched  off.

All these functionalities are available from any computer, tablet and mobile phone (iOS and Android).
The iConnect can be configured to send directly an email to your responsible technician, as soon as a failure occurs. This email will contain all necessary information (type of failure, still active, type of lamps, state of the whole lighting system...)
Pilot and crew are able to turn on and regulate the brightness of the lighting system from anywhere directly from their Smartphone or tablet with a dedicated application.
A single electrical line can be used. It is not necessary to cable light separately.
This system is based on a open bus protocol. You can add additional components from any manufacturer. iConnect have a high interoperability and can be interconnected with a lot of systems.

iConnect makes the installation and exploitation easier and much safer.

iConnect is available on all Aerolighting products.

Download the full infrared "iControl" technology focus document