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Aerolighting was founded in 1976, and has found its current form for more than 10 years now. Aerolighting offers innovative products for airfield lighting. From the beginning we concentrated our efforts on the concept and development of high quality products with low consumption of energy.  Our products are made to respond to needs of installers, integrators, operators and pilots.
Innovation is the heart of our concerns.
Our products are well known for their quality, ease of installation and lifetime.  Nevertheless, our prices remain very competitive.
Our airfield lighting is operated in hundreds of places all over the world.

Development & Manufacturing « Made in Switzerland »

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Manufacturing starts with a concept, which is guaranteed by our experienced team of engineers and technicians. We use modern resources (CAO, simulation, digital prototyping…).The concept of our products reflects the know-how and the experience of our representatives and integrators.  So we develop our products and adapt them to pilots, installers and operators.
We select for our lighting only components and material of high quality, whose  longevity is proven. The mechanical manufacturing is ensured by machining centers CNC.
We provide the same care to the electrical end electronical part of our products. We make ourselves our « LED Engine » and therefore we  also use the best quality components available on the market. Our printed circuit boards are assembled on precision benches.  So we guarantee an exceptional quality and lifetime.
A qualified staff makes with care each manufacturing step of a light.
Technical assistance and after sales services
Professional technicians knowing perfectly all our products are available to answer all your questions. They help you to plan and choose, to assist you for the installation.
We make it a point of honor to offer a high quality after sales service.


Distributor and integrator

We encourage a strong partnership with our distributors.  Our network of distributors grows constantly.
We export our products in more than 60 countries.

For information about sales representatives or if you are interested to become an Aerolighting partner please contact us.

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