Portable lighting system

Portable lighting system

Portable lighting system


Aerolighting has produced for about 15 years very high quality heliport products. Our products are well-known for their quality and their lifetime.

Our products are designed for very high sollicitation. They are easy to install and they are delivered in more than 600 helipads and more than 60 countries all over the world.

The last generation of products has  integrated an "NVG enhanced" (infrared) light source to garantee a better visibility for pilots using night vision googles.

iControl is available for these products, too. With iControl, you are able to manage and detect failure on each light indenpendently. This system can be connected to internet; pilots and crews are able to turn ON the ligting directly from their smartphone from anywhere.

Portable lighting for Helipad



Our portable airfield lighting system for heliports has been especially developed for facilitating helicopters’ approaches and landings by interventions by night in the countryside out of any installation.


This LED lighting system is packaged in small cases, which are easily portable in a response vehicle of intervention driving to an accident site requiring a casualty evacuation through the air.