Radio controller

Turn on and regulate the lighting system directly from a simple VHF radio.


The ARC-357system is designed to operate on airports (generally small ones) or helipad where Air Traffic Services are unavailable.


When a ARC-357system is in service on the airport (or the helipad), the pilot is able using its own aircraft VHF radio equipment to remotely control the airfield lighting (AFL) equipment such as :Approach, PAPI, Runway, Taxiway or other lights and beacons). The ARC-357system allows to remotely control AFL, to Switch on and up to three brilliancy levels. As an option the ARC-357system can be fitted with a photocell allowing inhibition of ARC-357during daytime.





Use :

  • Helipad lighting system
  • Airfield lighting system


  • VHF 118.00 - 136.975
  • User adjustable frequency
  • 3 operation mode
  • Easy to install
  • Battery in case of power failure


Power supply:

  • 110-230 VAC
  • 24-48 VDC