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Based in the Fribourg region  in Switzerland, for more than 15 years Aerolighting SA has  developed, produced and distributed a full range of products in the domain of airfield lighting at competitive prices. Aerolighting has all the elements under one roof: technology, development, manufacturing and administration. Our integrated structure guarantees the right and adapted answer to your needs  within the  shortest terms. Our technicians, sales representatives and marketing staff are always available to cover all your needs. For years we have developed  a strong partnership with our representarives and integrators all around the world.

More than 600 helipads and airfield lighting systems in more than 60 countries are equiped with Aerolighting products. Our products are well known for their high standard but  simple installation and their long lifetime. We use for all our lighting products   the last LED technology. It guarantees a low power consumption and a high reliability without any maintenance.

Aerolighting can easily and quickly adapt and modify products to fulfil your needs. On this website you will find our common used products.

If you have any needs for Heliport/Airfiled lighting system, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution in adequation to you needs, standards.

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Helipad lighting with NVG enhanced (infrared)

Every day more and more pilots and crews use Night Vision Googles (NVG) for helicopter night operations. The NVG system amplifies residual light at night, but doesn’t render colors. Due to this fact, the identification of a helipad is more difficult. To guarantee the pilot a good “reading” of the environment through NVG, evolutions of the heliport lighting system are necessary.

Aerolighting has developed and propose for Helipad lighting a "Dual" light engine composed of Infrared and visible light.  Our special InfraRed LED light engine has a very high response on NVG units. Through the NVG, the helipad lighting “NVG enhanced”  detaches the helipad from all other lights .This “NVG enhanced” system guarantees to our helipad lights to be clearly better detected by the pilot through NVG. Tested by pilots, our system is shown to be 10 times more efficient  than with standard lights.

For pilots flying without NVG, no modification is visible on the lighting system.

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iControl available on all Aerolighting helipad lights

Key features:

  • Control the lighting system from anywhere with a smartphone
  • Automatically inform technician about failure on the helipad per email
  • Detect failure light per light
  • Addressable system
  • Using standard wire
  • Simplify the installation and the use